• I will be speaking at ATELIER MUJI’s online talk event. (Thursday, November 19th)



    Moritaka Yoshida will be speaking at a talk event in conjunction with an exhibition being held at ATELIER MUJI in Ginza.
    The event will be live-streamed from 7:00 p.m., but if you have time, please join us.

    The following is from the website of ATELIER MUJI GINZA.

    Design Talk “Our Anonymous Design
    At ATELIER MUJI GINZA Gallery1, the exhibition “Rethinking Anonymous Design – When Names Disappear” is being held.

    As a member of the “Yanagi Industrial Design Research Association” (1988-2011), he was a product designer who learned Sori Yanagi’s designs and words in the field.
    Moritaka Yoshida is a product designer who learned Sori Yanagi’s designs and words in the field as a member of the Yanagi Industrial Design Research Association (1988-2011). When he was 20 years old, he encountered the “Elephant Stool” designed by Yanagi.
    Mr. Wataru Kumano, a product designer, says that his encounter with Yanagi’s “Elephant Stool” at the age of 20 became a guideline for him to pursue his career.
    Mr. Wataru Kumano, a product designer, said that his encounter with the Yanagi-designed Elephant Stool at the age of 20 guided him to pursue his career. What was Sori Yanagi’s definition of “anonymous design”?
    Mr. Kumano asked Mr. Yoshida, “What kind of ‘anonymous design’ did Sori Yanagi talk about? Mr. Kumano has a few questions he would like to ask Mr. Yoshida.
    In addition, what do the two designers read and think from this?
    The conversation turned to contemporary production activities. The two product designers will reconsider “Anonymous Design”.

    Date & Time: November 19, 2020 (Thursday) 19:00-20:00
    Venue: ATELIER MUJI GINZA Online (online streaming)
    Number of participants: None (No need to reserve in advance)
    Participation fee: Free

    Speakers: Wataru Kumano (Product Designer)
    Moritaka Yoshida (Product Designer)
    Interviewer: Kaoru Tashiro (Writer, Curator of this exhibition)
    How to participate: Please watch the video from the following URL when it is held.
    URL for watching the video: https://youtu.be/WlQPVSEQQAA
    *You will be redirected to the video viewing site YouTube Live page.
    *This event is live streaming only. There is no plan to record and distribute the video at a later date.
    Please be forewarned.
    *Please refrain from taking pictures of the speakers, shared materials, etc. on the day of the event to protect personal information.
    (including screenshots).